Friday, April 24, 2009

Almost everyone!

We have pretty much told everyone about the new baby except my parents. We will tell them on Saturday when we go have some BBQ. Sony’s parent’s reaction was conservative in my opinion. They acted almost as if they were happy with a few questions about the logistics. I can’t say that I blame them considering we are currently squatting in 1 of their 3 rooms in their house.

This brings me to my next subject which is OUR house. On May 10th, I am ordering the dumpster from Home Depot. I will need to break down a shed and throw it away. After that, I will need to clean out the old trailer which is currently filled with odds and ends of Sony’s parent. No one lives in it so it is used as a storage shed at the moment. I will have to have both of these done within 2 weeks to stay at my 370 budget for the dumpster. It should be a barrel of monkeys.

Connor’s reaction to the baby news was awesome! When asked if he wanted a little brother or a little girl he answered quite quickly with, “a little brother!” Also, he understands without being told that whatever Sony eats then the baby eats as well. He kept giving her food saying it was for the baby. Connor is still sleeping in the bed with us for the moment. Normally, he sleeps in the middle and falls asleep on me but last night he wanted to sleep next to his mom and ‘the baby.’

Sony was looking at cribs that convert into beds last night. There were several at decent prices. She likes the name “Siley” for a girl. Told her it was too close to Sylar who is a current villain on a tv show that I am watching.

I am reading Warhammer 40k’s Eisenhorn, playing 40k’s RTS Dawn of War with a sprinkling of Gears of War. I was stuck under fire in a courtyard playing Gears when my son tells me, “I don’t think your gonna make it dad.” I tell him probably not to which he points out that maybe I should get the Jedi from Force Unleashed to the do this level. If only that were possible!

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Dammerung on April 24, 2009 at 9:49 AM said...

I -like- Siley.

Boo for Sylar.

Beowulfa on April 26, 2009 at 4:19 AM said...


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