Monday, April 27, 2009

Telling the folks, Crawfish and some pregnancy rage

Friday was pretty normal. I got home and decided it was high time to sit on my rumpus some. I read a little of Eisenhorn which I am digging quite a lot. Also, Warhammer 40k was calling my name a bit. Unfortunately, Sony was calling my name to go to Babies R Us. See, Sony likes shopping which is not necessarily the same thing as buying. We took Connor with us and he was amused for about 10 min and then was done with the place and started to run around like a madman.

Saturday was a great day. We were going over to my parent’s house with Connor wearing a “big brother” t-shirt to announce that Sony is pregnant. On the way out the door, we get a call from a friend of ours, Stephanie, and she needs a babysitter for the day due to circumstances beyond her control. Sony and Kelly pounce on her little girl, Allie, because she is one of the cutest kids ever. Don’t think we missed the irony of having a little girl with us while going to my folks to announce our impending addition.

We get to my folks and my father is not there! The first time we went over to tell my folks about Connor being made, my mother disappeared and we had to tell them separately. This time I was sure I had them together. Also, it was not meant to be. My mom was very surprised and happy as were my sister, niece and nephew. My dad shows up and we ask him how he like Connor’s shirt. He says he likes and gives Connor the big muscle show but does NOT read the shirt. We all laugh and tell him to READ the shirt and then his face went to shock and happy. He says the baby is his Christmas present.

We had a great day out there with all the kids and then came back home to an impromptu crawfish boil! Life could not be any better for a Saturday than good times with family, friends, great weather and a crawfish boil.

Sunday was looking pretty tame. We did not do a whole bunch.


NEVER accidentally use the wrong packet of seasoning when your wife is newly pregnant.

I played a bunch of MMOs on Sunday. LOTRo, WAR, and EvE were all giving some 10 day account deals. I played each a bit. My wife only gave me evil eyes at time. She even played WAR some. She is convinced we will all breakdown and freak out if we play another MMO. She might be right. I am not sure I want to get involved in another. Although, I gave her fair warning that I was playing Star Wars: The Old Republic when it came out.

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hip on April 28, 2009 at 12:51 PM said...

Hmm.. you should have moved out of my kitchen when i said "im cooking, get outta my kitchen" not after you used the seasoning packet that I needed.... =]

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