Tuesday, May 12, 2009


My Stick Family from WiddlyTinks.com

First Doctor's Appt for wittle wittle Martin

I'll update after the appt at 10 :)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's day to all :)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

i <3 ketchup


Hey guys, I'm getting a little tired of the BS lately. By that, i mean everyone's bs-
First let me start by saying i love my husband but sometimes he says some dumb shit and really pisses me off and then gets mad at me for being 'pissy' in the first place when he is being his perfect self- how dare i.
Well, let me also explain I worked my ass off during tax season and a funky shift at that.. I also worked for hallmark through part of that and Census the last couple of weeks... now, I had sunday off. Yeah, Sunday that was normally it.. I washed clothes and grocery shopped on sunday. Now, that i'm back to part time at an stupid easy boring pull my face off job.. I have time to wash dishes, and this n that...Now, my husband acts completely shocked like he has never seen me cook or clean in his life.. And i must only be doing this bcuz i am nesting which is f'n stupid!!!! Last time i was preg. I did up the babys room and detailed the truck. lol wishy washy is what he is!
My job people are pissing me off!!!!!! when i was hired i was supposed to be getting 1.25 more an hour than i am actually getting. Now, this is bcuz of the area i live.. fine, then why are you sending me to the ghetto where u pay ppl the extra 1.25? and letting them come here and do my pretty little town? what? u don't know? your a moron?! Oh, sorry... =]
My mom is a butthole! she has a big mouth and a twisted memory. When i was growing up she was God of all mothers i guess, i just didn't know this- she reminds me every day of her greatness... and my sucky insuffient attempt at motherhood. Rockin.
LAST... I sick of the stupid f'n dr.s appnt taking a mnth. This is retarded if my WHO-HA was falling off would i have to wait a month? I surely hope not.! sheesh.
Til next time ./Pee !!!!

On Being Funny… or not


I got an observation through a friend that the Martin Family blog isn’t really all that funny. See, I’m known for being the funny guy. Well, let’s back that up. I think with the certain group of friends that read this book I might actually fill several roles. I’ll list them. Feel free to correct or interject as the case may be.


Funny Guy
Slightly better at video games guy
The fatter one 
The bigger one 
The “why doesn’t he make more money?” one
The “he will show up when needed” one

How do I do all this? Not sure. Not even slightly sure. Throughout my mid 20s I was nasty sarcastic. I believe this was due in large part to my large ex wife. I was not a very happy or content person. Consequently, any moron who thought to have words with me quickly found themselves shutting up due to a shear acerbically bitter diatribe. Most other people found it funny… they weren’t wrong most times. However, after losing a few good people to this kind of ‘wit,’ I decided that it was best retired or at least used very sparingly.

I really should apologize and send a big thank you to all the ex girlfriends who left me due to this as well. I think without the exes that my wife and I would not get along half as well on a day to day basis. Take for instance last night. My wife was doing some dishes and cleaning up when I made a seemingly innocuous comment about nesting.

This lead to my wife asking the question, “Why is it when I do the same things I did before tax season that you feel the need to comment on it?” I’m not exactly sure what I said back but it was along the lines of being barefoot (she is whenever she can be cuz that’s how she rolls) and pregnant in the kitchen cleaning. Seriously, how much more of a setup for the spike do you need?! I am fairly certain that I was immediately hit and called a butthole. Yes, we use the word butthole. Why? Because motherf*cker is entirely too funny these days considering we are on kid #2.

Back to the ramblings, in answer to her above question I could have said something like “the very fact that you notice it as things you did BEFORE tax season should clue you in about how long ago you did them and we saw them.” That would have gotten me yelled and hurt her feelings but I could have said it in such a way that people looking in on it would have laughed ass.

All this has been leading to this. I have to be very careful about what I think is funny and how I present it on this blog. I am in danger of being killed by my wife at a moments notice for silly stuff like using the wrong packet of seasoning and delaying dinner. You don’t know what that stress is like unless you are a man of a pregnant wife.

Game demos got played a lot last night.

Wolverine – Better than the movie
Red Faction: guerilla – O hells ya.

Reading has slowed down a bit due to time constraints. Eisenhorn is still very good and starting to pick up.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Connor gets an Upgrade


Connor got an upgraded car seat to the tune of $180! I don’t mind spending the money on though because the car seat is very nice and super safe. I would recommend it for anyone with the means and the 1 yr old. Since it is a 3-in-1, you get to keep it for 9 years which works out to $20 a year. You really can’t justify not getting it. I will be picking up another one when the newborn hits 1 yr old.

On the newborn front, we are now in the midst of how to decorate the baby’s room. Considering we do not have the room yet and that we don not know what the baby’s sex is, we may possibly be thinking ahead of ourselves. However, all of this is beside the point when we have already begun looking. A little background on the last time we did this. Sony hated Winnie the Pooh stuff. I was always ok with Pooh because why not? Well, the why not is because EVERYONE else does Winnie the Pooh is why not! Since everyone else DOES Pooh, Pooh bear stuff is abundant and can be found at good prices. This is having an affect on Sony’s “I hate Pooh” attitude.

On the house front, we were told that to buy a house in today’s market the minimum credit score is now 620. Sigh! We are at 575-590. At least we know what we have to work on. Also, we found out that to get a FHA loan we will need to buy a house with land attached. Now, I don’t know if this is accurate and the only way to really find out is to hit a real estate agent or go to the bank and ask the loan officer. I will be doing this shortly when I have a day off during the week (Read: Take time off from work.)

The guy at the mobile home place tells us that if we buy just the trailer with superb credit then the best % we can get will probably be 7-8%. The good news is that if we decided to do that than my dad will help with a co-sign.

Now the question becomes whether or not we want to go for the house and land (FHA) or buy the trailer and stick it on her parents place like we had planned. I am leaning towards our original idea because it is safer. There is no way we won’t be able to afford 400 a month note with bills. Even if we get a PMI which with my dad helping I doubt we need, that raises our totals to 700ish a month total in bills which after we pay off the car becomes super easy.

One might call this scared safe or you might call it financially responsible for staying where we can afford and keeping the kiddies fed. Yep, I think I just convinced myself…

Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Tale of Two WoW accounts

I used to blog about World of Warcraft. I had a good many viewers although nothing like Daniel’s readership. That being said, while this is a post concerning WoW, this will not be a blog concerning WoW. Rather, it is a blog concerning the lead up for having baby the sequel.

I quit playing (again) in January of this year. I get the urge to play sometimes because it is a fun game and I like the fantasy setting. I, in no way, consider myself addicted to it… anymore that is. When I feel the need to look around some, I pimp Ray’s account. My friend Ray is the only one still playing WoW out of our guild. I occasionally log on to pitter around just a touch and look at things I have heard about.

Yesterday, I log on to his account to pitter after making sure he is not online. I look to see if any of the old guild people have been on. Sorry I missed you online Ozzy!. While I look, I notice that Sony’s toons have all been online in the last 4 days.


Did my wife lowball me and start playing? See, Sony likes playing WoW. I’ll go as far as to say the girl LOVES MMOs and keeps a tight reign on her gaming. She even played Warhammer online and lost a bit of time. Ah well, that’s her story to tell. Back to mine…

Her toons are online?! I check to see when her main was online. The toon isn’t even in the guild. Uh oh. HACKED!! I armory her toon and it has been transferred to a different server. Uh oh, her alts have access to the guild bank and my toon, which is guild lead, does not have an active account. Quickly throwing some money at my account, I log on and kick the rest of her toons and check the guild bank (4tabs worth) and notice nothing is gone. /whew

I make a toon on the server that Sony has been transferred to. Her main is actually online! I repress the urge to tip my hand by cussing this guy out and instead call Blizzard. First, I talk to Eric. Eric doesn’t wish to talk to me because I am not Sony. I get Sony. Sony talks to Eric and starts verifying things. After giving him 2 ½ of our original authentication keys and the random mother’s name of “I am Stupid” (Really, don’t ask.) We find out that the account got reactivated 3 days ago. He resets our password but does so before resetting our email account. Moron. He sent the temp password to the hacker! /facepalm

Call Blizz back and talk to a lady who told us what happened and then set us up properly. I log on and change the password to something using every key on the keyboard. Log on to her main and all her gear is intact. This is when I notice her low level lock has been transferred as well! WTF again? Can you guess WoW players? He paid for a bank alt to be transferred. I look on the alt and he has over 5000g and a bit more on the AH. He has been doing nothing but grinding in Sholazaar. We have been hacked by Ni Hao himself.

We now have all of Ni Hao’s AH stuff and gold. Sony left her toon with about 500g on her. No we have probably around 6k total. We read the policy about unauthorized transfers. If they transfer the toon back, it will NOT come back with the gold or the mats. We will pay the 25 to get her sent back and keep all the stuff thank you very much.

A month of WoW – 14.99
Two toon transfers – 50.00
Grinding gold farmer style for 4 days – 6000g

Getting your account BACK from the gold farmer before he has offloaded all his gold and getting to keep the spoils – Priceless

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The problem with gaming

So lately I have been gaming with the MMOs a bit over the last 2-3 days. I won’t be buying any of them. While I enjoyed WAR a good bit, it very WoWesque and I am already a good deal further along in that game. There are a ton of games coming up for my 360 though. Batman looks awesome, FFXIII is close and there is Final Revenant out there.

The problem I am getting into lately is… the length of the game. Most of the action/platformers are 10-12 hours long. Let’s say I play an hour a night and maybe 2 hours a night on the weekend. I have killed the game in just about over a week. Very few games can keep my attention on the replay unless they are online and change due to other players. I love playing Halo3 online. I replayed the campaign twice and that is enough for me.

I have Warhammer: Dawn of War which was fun for about the first 10-12 missions but has now gotten to be build base, upgrade units and kick the shit out of everything. I will play through it all the way for the story but playing it again probably won’t happen. The game has got to be engaging for at least 40 hours these days or I feel that I have wasted immense amounts of money.

Luckily, I will soon be busy with manual labor in my off moments and won’t have to worry about any of this until that is over. What about reading you ask? I do read. I read fairly fast. The problem with reading is the same as the problem with in depth gaming.

“Hey dad, what you doing?”

Gotta love him :)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A slow start

Hey guys,
Looks like i'm only doing 1 post to kel's 2. That's ok- I'm growing a baby... He's just twiddlin his thumbs... Right? =] I did manage to get us some decent colors on this beast though.
Works going ok.. but to be truthful, i miss my HR Block and my short, crappy desk, and all of my insane office buddies =/

I'm VERRRRRRRRY excited about the new baby. My first Dr. apnt isn't until May 12th!!!! Ahhhhhhhhh! So, now they leave me to sit here for 2 more weeks going insane!!
I won't have to worry about having the baby- bcuz it will be in college by the time the Dr. is ready to see me. I don't really know how far along i am.. I'm guessing December or Jan... for a due date but that leave a lot of room. So, i don't have to say 'i have no f'n clue!'

Anyways so i've been looking at baby names..
I was thinking for a girl
Olivia Rayne
Phoebe Raelynn
Gwenivire 'gwen' Raychel
and I like Raylee
and Chrissa like 'karissa'

and for boys..
Raymond 'Kincaid'

Then i like Quinn for either a boy or girl..

These are just some i like and may not end up in there at all
Ohwell, cya

Monday, April 27, 2009

Telling the folks, Crawfish and some pregnancy rage


Friday was pretty normal. I got home and decided it was high time to sit on my rumpus some. I read a little of Eisenhorn which I am digging quite a lot. Also, Warhammer 40k was calling my name a bit. Unfortunately, Sony was calling my name to go to Babies R Us. See, Sony likes shopping which is not necessarily the same thing as buying. We took Connor with us and he was amused for about 10 min and then was done with the place and started to run around like a madman.

Saturday was a great day. We were going over to my parent’s house with Connor wearing a “big brother” t-shirt to announce that Sony is pregnant. On the way out the door, we get a call from a friend of ours, Stephanie, and she needs a babysitter for the day due to circumstances beyond her control. Sony and Kelly pounce on her little girl, Allie, because she is one of the cutest kids ever. Don’t think we missed the irony of having a little girl with us while going to my folks to announce our impending addition.

We get to my folks and my father is not there! The first time we went over to tell my folks about Connor being made, my mother disappeared and we had to tell them separately. This time I was sure I had them together. Also, it was not meant to be. My mom was very surprised and happy as were my sister, niece and nephew. My dad shows up and we ask him how he like Connor’s shirt. He says he likes and gives Connor the big muscle show but does NOT read the shirt. We all laugh and tell him to READ the shirt and then his face went to shock and happy. He says the baby is his Christmas present.

We had a great day out there with all the kids and then came back home to an impromptu crawfish boil! Life could not be any better for a Saturday than good times with family, friends, great weather and a crawfish boil.

Sunday was looking pretty tame. We did not do a whole bunch.


NEVER accidentally use the wrong packet of seasoning when your wife is newly pregnant.

I played a bunch of MMOs on Sunday. LOTRo, WAR, and EvE were all giving some 10 day account deals. I played each a bit. My wife only gave me evil eyes at time. She even played WAR some. She is convinced we will all breakdown and freak out if we play another MMO. She might be right. I am not sure I want to get involved in another. Although, I gave her fair warning that I was playing Star Wars: The Old Republic when it came out.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Almost everyone!


We have pretty much told everyone about the new baby except my parents. We will tell them on Saturday when we go have some BBQ. Sony’s parent’s reaction was conservative in my opinion. They acted almost as if they were happy with a few questions about the logistics. I can’t say that I blame them considering we are currently squatting in 1 of their 3 rooms in their house.

This brings me to my next subject which is OUR house. On May 10th, I am ordering the dumpster from Home Depot. I will need to break down a shed and throw it away. After that, I will need to clean out the old trailer which is currently filled with odds and ends of Sony’s parent. No one lives in it so it is used as a storage shed at the moment. I will have to have both of these done within 2 weeks to stay at my 370 budget for the dumpster. It should be a barrel of monkeys.

Connor’s reaction to the baby news was awesome! When asked if he wanted a little brother or a little girl he answered quite quickly with, “a little brother!” Also, he understands without being told that whatever Sony eats then the baby eats as well. He kept giving her food saying it was for the baby. Connor is still sleeping in the bed with us for the moment. Normally, he sleeps in the middle and falls asleep on me but last night he wanted to sleep next to his mom and ‘the baby.’

Sony was looking at cribs that convert into beds last night. There were several at decent prices. She likes the name “Siley” for a girl. Told her it was too close to Sylar who is a current villain on a tv show that I am watching.

I am reading Warhammer 40k’s Eisenhorn, playing 40k’s RTS Dawn of War with a sprinkling of Gears of War. I was stuck under fire in a courtyard playing Gears when my son tells me, “I don’t think your gonna make it dad.” I tell him probably not to which he points out that maybe I should get the Jedi from Force Unleashed to the do this level. If only that were possible!

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