Tuesday, May 5, 2009

i <3 ketchup

Hey guys, I'm getting a little tired of the BS lately. By that, i mean everyone's bs-
First let me start by saying i love my husband but sometimes he says some dumb shit and really pisses me off and then gets mad at me for being 'pissy' in the first place when he is being his perfect self- how dare i.
Well, let me also explain I worked my ass off during tax season and a funky shift at that.. I also worked for hallmark through part of that and Census the last couple of weeks... now, I had sunday off. Yeah, Sunday that was normally it.. I washed clothes and grocery shopped on sunday. Now, that i'm back to part time at an stupid easy boring pull my face off job.. I have time to wash dishes, and this n that...Now, my husband acts completely shocked like he has never seen me cook or clean in his life.. And i must only be doing this bcuz i am nesting which is f'n stupid!!!! Last time i was preg. I did up the babys room and detailed the truck. lol wishy washy is what he is!
My job people are pissing me off!!!!!! when i was hired i was supposed to be getting 1.25 more an hour than i am actually getting. Now, this is bcuz of the area i live.. fine, then why are you sending me to the ghetto where u pay ppl the extra 1.25? and letting them come here and do my pretty little town? what? u don't know? your a moron?! Oh, sorry... =]
My mom is a butthole! she has a big mouth and a twisted memory. When i was growing up she was God of all mothers i guess, i just didn't know this- she reminds me every day of her greatness... and my sucky insuffient attempt at motherhood. Rockin.
LAST... I sick of the stupid f'n dr.s appnt taking a mnth. This is retarded if my WHO-HA was falling off would i have to wait a month? I surely hope not.! sheesh.
Til next time ./Pee !!!!

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