Monday, May 4, 2009

Connor gets an Upgrade

Connor got an upgraded car seat to the tune of $180! I don’t mind spending the money on though because the car seat is very nice and super safe. I would recommend it for anyone with the means and the 1 yr old. Since it is a 3-in-1, you get to keep it for 9 years which works out to $20 a year. You really can’t justify not getting it. I will be picking up another one when the newborn hits 1 yr old.

On the newborn front, we are now in the midst of how to decorate the baby’s room. Considering we do not have the room yet and that we don not know what the baby’s sex is, we may possibly be thinking ahead of ourselves. However, all of this is beside the point when we have already begun looking. A little background on the last time we did this. Sony hated Winnie the Pooh stuff. I was always ok with Pooh because why not? Well, the why not is because EVERYONE else does Winnie the Pooh is why not! Since everyone else DOES Pooh, Pooh bear stuff is abundant and can be found at good prices. This is having an affect on Sony’s “I hate Pooh” attitude.

On the house front, we were told that to buy a house in today’s market the minimum credit score is now 620. Sigh! We are at 575-590. At least we know what we have to work on. Also, we found out that to get a FHA loan we will need to buy a house with land attached. Now, I don’t know if this is accurate and the only way to really find out is to hit a real estate agent or go to the bank and ask the loan officer. I will be doing this shortly when I have a day off during the week (Read: Take time off from work.)

The guy at the mobile home place tells us that if we buy just the trailer with superb credit then the best % we can get will probably be 7-8%. The good news is that if we decided to do that than my dad will help with a co-sign.

Now the question becomes whether or not we want to go for the house and land (FHA) or buy the trailer and stick it on her parents place like we had planned. I am leaning towards our original idea because it is safer. There is no way we won’t be able to afford 400 a month note with bills. Even if we get a PMI which with my dad helping I doubt we need, that raises our totals to 700ish a month total in bills which after we pay off the car becomes super easy.

One might call this scared safe or you might call it financially responsible for staying where we can afford and keeping the kiddies fed. Yep, I think I just convinced myself…

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