Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A slow start

Hey guys,
Looks like i'm only doing 1 post to kel's 2. That's ok- I'm growing a baby... He's just twiddlin his thumbs... Right? =] I did manage to get us some decent colors on this beast though.
Works going ok.. but to be truthful, i miss my HR Block and my short, crappy desk, and all of my insane office buddies =/

I'm VERRRRRRRRY excited about the new baby. My first Dr. apnt isn't until May 12th!!!! Ahhhhhhhhh! So, now they leave me to sit here for 2 more weeks going insane!!
I won't have to worry about having the baby- bcuz it will be in college by the time the Dr. is ready to see me. I don't really know how far along i am.. I'm guessing December or Jan... for a due date but that leave a lot of room. So, i don't have to say 'i have no f'n clue!'

Anyways so i've been looking at baby names..
I was thinking for a girl
Olivia Rayne
Phoebe Raelynn
Gwenivire 'gwen' Raychel
and I like Raylee
and Chrissa like 'karissa'

and for boys..
Raymond 'Kincaid'

Then i like Quinn for either a boy or girl..

These are just some i like and may not end up in there at all
Ohwell, cya

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Beowulfa on April 28, 2009 at 7:05 PM said...

I like all your name ideas. And I'm 6 months and have yet to see a doctor ... turns out we won't be covered until June, so I'll maybe have one or two appointments before its time to get unpregnified. Anyway, I hope you have a radiant pregnancy :D

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